Mobile gambling comes to Australia

Mobile gambling comes to Australia


The mobile lottery is on the move Down Under.

A joint operation between Zone4Play, a United Kingdom software developer, and Two Way TV, a television provider, has created the availability of lottery services to users of mobile phones in Australia. The interface is described as “seamless,” and the market is expected to be huge.

Zone4Play already makes software for popular land-based lottery games, like keno and scratch cards, with Java, HTML, and SMS technologies on display as well. Handheld and online games are nothing new. Mobile gaming is new, but Zone4Play officials are confident that their new investment will be a profitable one, for them and for their customers.

“We believe the benefits of our Lottery services will be significant, as both Lottery providers and mobile operators can expect high take up of mobile lottery services thanks to the convenience, ease of use, and reliability of our solutions,” said Shimon Citron, CEO of Zone4Play.