Microsoft backs DVB-H deployment in North America

Microsoft backs DVB-H deployment in North America


Microsoft already dominates most computers out there, with some version of Windows being found on the majority of desktops and notebooks. And it seems like Windows Mobile 5.0 has become a standard-issue OS for so many smartphones on the market. It’s almost as if anything Microsoft touches turns to gold.

Well, with the proliferation of mobile TV on the up and up, Microsoft is jumping onto the bandwagon by backing DVB-H as the standard for the technology, joining other heavy hitters like Intel, Motorola, Nokia, and Texas Instruments. The Mobile DTV alliance, as it has come to be known, is actively encouraging the deployment of DVB-H in North America.

Modeo president Michael Schueppert says that having Microsoft’s name attached to the DVB-H standard, it will “accelerate the introduction of mobile digital television based on DVB-H into cell phones, PDAs, laptops and portable media players.” Window Media Player is quite popular, and it seems to be a natural choice that some form of that software might be used for DVB-H purposes.