Camera shoots GPS-precise photos

Camera shoots GPS-precise photos


Ricoh and GlobalSat have teamed up to offer a new reality in digital images. The result is a camera that can take pictures that are incredibly accurate—in more than one way.

The Ricoh Pro G3 camera sports the GlobalSat BC337, a CompactFash GPS receiver card. Together, they can create high-resolution digital images that are embedded with precise GPS coordinates. The result is a picture that shows visual and position accuracy.

This kind of camera might be palatable to the average shutterbug, but it is of prime interest to businesses and governments. The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has used the camera to record recent storm damage. U.S. National Park workers have used the cameras to document land growth and defilement. Engineers and farmers have used the camera in their surveying. Businesses including utility companies, inspection companies, insurance agents, realtors have found the camera useful.

Now, it is available to the greater public.

Shutter response is 0.14 second. Other specs include 3.24 megapixels and 3x digital zoom. The macro mode allows close-ups up to 1cm. An illuminancy features eliminates the need for flash, even in very low light.

Communication with other devices is available via a wired network card, a wireless LAN card or Bluetooth card. Memory is up to 512MB on an SD card. The Pro G3 is also barcode-enabled. Power is via three sources: AA batteries, rechargeable batteries, or AC adapter.