Sony Ericsson’s flagship M600 Smartphone

Sony Ericsson’s flagship M600 Smartphone


Yesterday in New York, Sony Ericsson invited the press to come in and have a look at some of their new products, directing their attention toward the company’s flagship M600 smartphone. The GSM/UMTS handset has an adequate 2.6-inch QVGA display to go with its not-so-big chassis.

There’s 80MB of internal memory to be found, as well as an expansion slot that takes the company’s Memory Stick Micro cards. It goes without saying that this handy phone is Bluetooth ready, so quick data transfers and handsfree chatting are far from being an issue. And it seems like this smartphone will be made available in either black or white.

To keep your emailing and SMSing quick and easy, they’ve also integrated a QWERTY-like keypad where there are two letters on each key. I’m not really sure how good this works, but hey, it’s got to be better than relying on T9 predictive text, right?

As with most media events, the Sony Ericsson shindig in New York was just a teaser, so there really isn’t any information available regarding pricing or launch dates. Just drool over the pictures for now.