Mercedes-Benz focuses on engines in Geneva

Mercedes-Benz focuses on engines in Geneva


Mercedes-Benz is aiming to make a splash at the auto show in Geneva, introducing a number of new models and new technologies.

There are two new models of Mercedes-AMG at this show – the CLS 63 AMG and CLK 63 AMG. The CLK will come in a coupe and cabriolet. Both have a new AMG V8 with 514 horsepower. Just a few horses more than the R63 AMG announced earlier this month. If you need more power, the SL 65 AMG sports 612 hp, making it the most powerful roadster in the world.

There is a focus on engines at the show. Two new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the Vision CLS 320 BLUETEC and the Vision GL 320 BLUETEC include the cleanest diesel engine in the world. Mercedes has been focused on clean burning combustion engines. The CLS 350 CGI is also extremely high efficiency, owing to second-generation direct fuel injection. The GL 420 CDI is the first appearance of a V8 diesel engine that delivers 306 horsepower despite only needing 11.6 litres per 100 km. The company indicates that engines will remain a major focus of the company and they continue to move their development entirely in-house.

Oh ya, and we can’t forget the oldschool looking Mercedes bike for when you wan’t to take a stroll down by the riverside.