Top 10 weirdest iPod accessories

Top 10 weirdest iPod accessories


Everyone has a Top 10 list, and now we can add to that the Top 10 Strangest iPod Accessories. One website has put together just such a list.

Among the highlights:

The iPod Jukebox. Put out by Wurlitzer, makers of many things past, this device “updates” the jukebox idea by linking the older technology with the newer iPod and Bose speakers. The jukebox is about the size of previous ones, and it includes a built-in dock for the iPod to settle into and a 100-CD changer, for all of the music that you don’t have stored on your iPod. Want one? Do you have US$9,500?

From a Japanese company comes “Chair Man” speakers for the iPod. The portable music player rests on a plastic “chair,” which has sticking out of its bottom two “feet,” which are really built-in 50mm diamater speakers. The chair also has flexible arms, with Mickey Mouse fingers, so you can rest easy about your iPod’s security while it’s resting easy on Chair Man.

From the KNG company comes the DJ Docking Station, which plants your trusty iPod on the “face” of a DJ lookalike, who has speakers for feet and who moves his arms and, in succession, a couple of record albums, mimicking the “scratching” of discs while music is thumping.

A company called DesignMobel has come out with a bed that works with an iPod. The ornately structured wooden headboard and bedside shelves contain an integrated dock for your handy Apple portable music player, and the entire apparatus include a Bose speaker system.

And what collection of iPod accessories wouldn’t be complete without the iLounge Toilet Paper Dispenser. That’s right, you can have your tunes when you’re all alone in the bathroom. The device includes a dock that incorporates all models of iPod, including the nano and shuffle, and easy-to-access navigation buttons. In addition, the device contains a working wheel onto which you the user can install a roll of TP. Rest easy.

The website also included the iShirt, as an honorable mention.