Ministry of Sound’s tiny 1GB MP3 player

Ministry of Sound’s tiny 1GB MP3 player


Ministry of Sound has got itself an incredibly small MP3 player – about the size of your index finger – but the MOSMP083X10 certainly won’t win any awards for its name. The 1GB audio player is compatible with MP3s, WMAs, and even DRM content, as well as pulling double duty as a voice recorder.

The battery life won’t astound anyone, as you’ll only get eight hours of playback on a single charge of the included polymer battery. The single-color OLED display, complete with backlight and ID3 tagging, is simple, but effective. All the usual functionality is here, including random and repeat.

You can really get started right away, because the player seems to be preloaded with “Summer Funk Classics 2006.” Along with the 31-gram, 3 x 8 x 1.5 cm MOSMP083X10 (try saying that three times fast), you’ll find packaged in a MOS lanyard and in ear stereo headphones. The price from the Argos website is £89.99 (~$156 USD).