Dell E1505 is yet another Core Duo

Dell E1505 is yet another Core Duo


Remember when, oh, last month, when Core Duo was something that made you go “gasp” and “wow.” Well, it seems like those days have far receded into the past, because here is yet another Core Duo option for you high-speed cpu lovin junkies. The Dell E1505 looks an awful lot like the company’s Inspiron 9400 and E1705, sporting up to a 2.0GHz Core Duo set up.

It’s not exactly the most compact package at 10.45 x 14 x 1.44 inches, but it isn’t humungous either by any stretch of the imagination. You’ll get a good sized 15.4-inch WSXGA (1680 x 1050) screen to watch all your favourite videos and whatnot, thanks to the optional Media Center 2005. As with every other Dell out there, customization is key, and the E1505 is no different. If you feel like loading up on everything this thing can handle, then you’ll opt for 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM, a 100GB hard drive, and a dual layer DVD burner.

Don’t jump onto the Dell website just yet, because the E1505 is only “coming soon!” at a yet to be determined price.