Pretec unveils 133X high-speed memory card

Pretec unveils 133X high-speed memory card


Pretec, a world leader in the memory card market, is showing off at PMA a high speed CF card that can run at up to 20MB a second, or 14MB a second for read and write.

The Pretec 133X is 50% fater than its predecessor, the 80X, and it can operate in 3.3V and 5V platforms. In addition, the new super-fast CF card is fully ATA/True IDE compatible. As with other CF cards, the 133X offers a wide range of data protection and security practices and can endure a huge range of working temperatures. The card will begin shipping in late March.

Pretec is known for its memory cards and card readers. Among its products are MMC, SD, and the USB Flash Drive.