Ericsson files patent suit against Samsung

Ericsson files patent suit against Samsung


Just as one patent case finally looks like it is nearing an end, another one is just beginning. Ericsson has filed a suit against Samsung, alleging patent infringement in the U.S., U.K., Germany and the Netherlands.

Samsung had licenses for mobile phone patents which expired in December of last year. Despite extensive negotiations, the two companies were unable to renew the licenses. That means that Samsung has been using technology for which they have no patents or licenses to. The technologies concerned are to do with GSM, EDGE and GPRS. Not surprisingly, all the news about the situation so far is coming from Ericsson. Samsung representatives have declined comment.

Patent infringement cases are obviously common in the high tech sector, since R&D spending is so high and the market is particularly competitive. This isn’t the only legal action we have seen recently in the GSM field, either. Last year, Qualcomm filed suit against Nokia over a GSM patent.