Averatec launches trendy 13.3-inch widescreen laptop

Averatec launches trendy 13.3-inch widescreen laptop


Who says business and fashion are a paradox?

Averatec has just released a trendy laptop that hosts a number of impressive features. The 4155 has a stylish dark blue exterior but its midnight hue does not cover the whole unit as it has a white interior.

But perhaps the most impressive feature of the 4155 is its AveraBrite-enhanced 13.3-inch WXGA display. The innovation boasts that it can display images with a luminance of 250cd/m2. As a result, the screen is up to 50% brighter compared to other laptops. It also has a 1280×800-pixel resolution and can display images vividly regardless of the lighting condition.

The Averatec laptop only measures 316x224x31mm and weighs just 2kg, making it ideal for all those always-on-the-go professionals. Typing errors would not be a common occurrence either as the unit features a full-sized keyboard.

Processing power is provided by AMD’s 1.6GHz Turion MT 30 processor. Memory capacity is at 512MB, while connectivity is via wireless LAN, USB 2.0, and FireWire. One interesting feature of its USB ports is that one of it is active. This means that a device connected through that port can be recharged even if the laptop is off.

The 4155’s 4:1 card reader enables it to recognize an SD Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, and MultiMedia Card. It also features a multi-format DVD burner.

The Averatec 4155 is priced at £799.