Thomas Pink unveils the iPod tie

Thomas Pink unveils the iPod tie


The iPod is truly one of the hottest brands of the decade so can anybody blame all the ‘other’ manufacturers who are trying to jump on the iPod bandwagon? So completing your iPod attire (we already have the iPod jacket and the Levis iPod jeans remember?) is the Pink Commuter Tie from Thomas Pink.

With all the portable devices getting smaller and smaller, it also follows that users end up carrying more and more with them. As such, the Pink Commuter Tie endeavors to help all you busy guys out there by giving you the means to carry your iPod Nano anywhere you want to go.

The tie has a small pocket on the underside where you can place your iPod Nano. It also features an extra fabric loop to hide headphone wires.

If pink is not your color, note that the iPod tie is also available in navy and red. And to ensure that you look as business-like as ever, the new tie is made from 100% silk.

The Thomas Pink Commuter Tie retails for £49 or US $ 85.