Tech CEOs call for more wireless airwaves

Tech CEOs call for more wireless airwaves


The Technology CEO Council, a grouping of the top executives from some of America’s most recognizable companies, are calling on the U.S. Government to increase the amount of wireless airwaves.

“Our nation’s wireless needs are too often governed by 1970s regulations that hinder economic progress and innovation,” said Motorola CEO Ed Zander, the chairman of the council.

The development of new services like broadband and streaming video, along with the explosion of wireless and tech providers, have increased the amount of airwaves being consumed and the demand of tech companies for acquiring more of those airwaves. Specifically, the Technology CEO Council wants the Government to reallocate airwaves that are not being used at the moment. The council’s recommendations will come in the form of a recommendation to Congress. The report will be issued on Thursday.