LG’s 3G U8500 gets FCC go-ahead

LG’s 3G U8500 gets FCC go-ahead


With great power comes great responsibility, and it is the FCC that decides which cell phones we can have. The organization recently nodded its head to the LG U8500, indicating the 3G clamshell mobile phone is a-okay.

This handset comes with a less than spectacular 20MB of internal memory to store the snapshots you take with integrated camera, the ringtones you upload, and the videos you intend to watch, but you can always shove in a Transflash memory card to expand the capacity. Interestingly, you need at least a 256MB card for it to work, but they make no mention of maximums.

Accessing your music is quick and easy thanks to the hot keys found on the front of the phone, but you won’t be able to use regular old headphones right out of the box, because the U8500 does not have a standard stereo headset connector.

We don’t know what carrier is going to pick up the Bluetooth-ready LG U8500, but we’ll probably find out soon enough, along with pricing.