Wi-Fi Cloud to cover London

Wi-Fi Cloud to cover London


We already know that Philadelphia and San Francisco are working on providing full-out wireless broadband to its residents, but now it seems like people on the other side of Atlantic are about to do the same.

The City of London is to have a Wi-Fi network set up within the next nine months or so, provided and supported by something called “The Cloud”, which already takes care of the wireless internet needs of a number of pubs and bars. Routers will be mounted onto lamp posts and “street furniture”.

Don’t confuse the City of London what we normally call “London.” The City of London is a small square mile of land that is known for its “financial houses, men in bowler hats and the ghost of Dick Whittington.” It even has its own police force and everything.

So, on your next vacation to see Buckingham Palace or Big Ben, don’t expect to just waltz around with your laptop reading MobileMag, because you’ll need to head to this pretty specific part of town to get in on the widespread Wi-Fi. I don’t even know why I am telling you this.