Toyota Prius features automatic parking features

Toyota Prius features automatic parking features


It’s a walk in the park.

The Toyota Prius is drawing more attention as drivers are curiously assess the benefits of the vehicle’s Intelligent Parking Assist (IPS) technology.

The Prius’ IPS feature ensures stress-free parking by reducing driver participation in the activity to just controlling the brakes. The system is composed of an integrated computer, steering sensor and a miniature camera that is embedded in the vehicle’s rear.

The IPS initiates the automatic parking process by first taking a photograph of the area where the driver intends to park. When the driver shifts the gear to reverse, the system’s screen on the dashboard would draw lines on the image of the parking lot. These lines could be altered by using the arrows that appear on the screen.

Once the driver has delineated or indicated his desired parking space, all that he needs to do now is step on the brake. The car would then automatically move itself to the selected area on the screen.

The system has some drawbacks though. Although it can recognize the space that the driver has indicated, it cannot detect objects that are blocking or crossing the car’s path. Hence, driver participation is still needed.

Despite the said deficiency, the Prius’ IPS is still enjoying support and popularity in Japan, with 80% of the Prius buyers opting for the feature.