Pinnacle PCTV USB Stick

Pinnacle PCTV USB Stick


The Pinnacle PCTV USB stick isn’t the first means of bringing TV to your laptop, but it is likely the simplest. All you need for a terrestrial digital TV connection is contained in one small USB stick. There are no extra wires or cables needed. It also comes with an antenna that you can attach to the USB stick and move around to get the best possible reception. A remote control lets you change channels or adjust volume even if your laptop isn’t on your lap.

If you are looking for mobile TV, a laptop will make more sense than a phone in a lot of situations. The much bigger screen is a huge factor in my mind, but the hard drive makes a big difference, too. The Pinnacle PCTV USB Stick ships with Pinnacle TVCenter software which takes advantage the hard drive by turning your laptop into a PVR.

The PCTV stick will be available in March for about $90.