16% of wireless customers have at least two cellphones

16% of wireless customers have at least two cellphones


It should really come as no surprise that nearly every American has a cellular phone these days, but a recent study has revealed that 16% of subscribers have at least two cell phones.

It seems that the primary reason for this is that people have a phone for personal use, but are also issued a handset from their employers for business purposes. This is not uncommon, as up to 25% of companies provide their employees with cell phones to use for work – about 70% of Fortune 500 companies, in fact – but they are generally not allowed to be used for personal calls. Moreover, by having two phones, business and personal lives are more easily kept separate.

Customers also do not want to part with their phone number, even when provided with a use-all-you-want cell phone from their employers. For example, Mike Oulette of North Attleboro, Massachusetts “didn’t want to have to update friends about a new number” after receiving a Blackberry from work. Furthermore, if you happen to live somewhere with spotty coverage, it’s always handy to have handsets from different carriers to make sure you’re always “in touch.”