Yahoo Mobile arrives for handsets

Yahoo Mobile arrives for handsets


Yahoo has gone Mobile in a big way. The Internet giant has, in a joint venture with AT&T and Cingular, launched AT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile, an integrated service that allows Yahoo ID holders to take their Yahoo with them virtually wherever they can get service.

The service was announced at CES and is available for download or installation now. It is preloaded on the Nokia 6682 and will be loaded onto other Nokia phones and Motorola phones eventually.

The specifics turn the handset into a mini computer, allowing access to Yahoo! Mail, Photos, Address Book, Calendar, Messenger, search functions, news, weather, and sports. The user-specific features are integrated with the phone as well, allowing Web access to phone functions in a vice-versa twist.

“We’re blurring the lines between the PC and the wireless phone so that consumers can stay in touch, check e-mail, get updates on news and weather—minute to minute, day by day—regardless of where they are or what screen they are watching,” said Scott Helbing, AT&T Consumer chief marketing officer.

The Nokia 6682 also comes loaded with an MP3 player, digital voice recorder, data storage capacity, and removable media.