Velocipede’s carbon fibre velomobile

Velocipede’s carbon fibre velomobile


I’m not sure where exactly the Carbon Chassis Velocipede would fit into society, but my best guess would put it into a similar realm as the Segway. It’s person-powered, so expect to have to pedal the same way you would on a recumbent bicycle, except this one comes complete with “variable longitudinal pedal geometry for a customized fit.”

It looks like it would actually be pretty comfortable to sit in, and the pair of 20-inch front wheels should provide some excellent traction for when you’re whipping around the twisties.

Among the other features on this Michael Goretzky-designed beast are a Shimano derailleur and SRAM Gripshift Rocket shifter on the hand control, not to mention one hot looking yellow paintjob. It’s almost like a motorcycle too, because it’s got a headlight, tail light, and turn signals as well, all powered by a rechargeable battery.

Being an environmentally-friendly commuter won’t come cheap, however. Sure, it weighs in at a mere 60 pounds, but it will put you back $13,999.95. Plus tax, of course.