Nokia 6682 from AT&T and Cingular

Nokia 6682 from AT&T and Cingular


AT&T and Cingular Wireless deliver the Nokia 6682, a mobile phone that is touted to be as functional as Blackberry and Treo handhelds yet not as bulky.

The Nokia 6682 features software that gives users access to the AT&T – Yahoo website or a personalized My Yahoo page. As such, this indicates that any contact address, message or even photos you send from the Nokia 6682 will also be automatically sent to your My Yahoo page (and vice versa). The technology may not be all that new but they are hardly found in small mobile phones till now.

However, communicating and sharing your photos via the new cell phone is not free, Cingular suggests that consumers purchase an additional data plan in addition to ‘regular’ voice plans. These unlimited data plans cost $19.99 monthly and below.

If you already have a Yahoo page, good for you as you can easily set up the new mobile phone to use the ‘sharing’ software. AT&T, on the other hand, is targeting its 7 million customer base throughout the US.

AT&T plans to charge US $249 for the Nokia 6682 but customers who sign for a 2-yr plan with Cingular will get a US $50 rebate from Nokia.