Canon DC 100 entry-level DVD camcorder

Canon DC 100 entry-level DVD camcorder


Canon has added a new entry-level DVD camcorder to their lineup, but it doesn’t sacrifice a lot of features to achieve a low price. The DC 100 DVD records directly onto 3 inch DVD –R/RW discs which can store up to 60 minutes on a single sided disc and can be played back in most home DVD players. It has a 25x zoom lens and an image stabilizer. Smooth Zoom Control lets you choose from three pre-set zoom speeds so your video doesn’t look choppy.

The DC 100 DVD brings the widescreen experience both on the go and into your home. A 2.7 inch widescreen display panel on the camcorder gives you the ability to compose your shots with ease. When you are viewing your recordings at home, the Canon Widescreen HR (High Resolution) provides 16:9 recording to take full advantage of your widescreen television.

The DC 100 DVD will be available at the end of April. It will cost you just $499.