XCute shows off three multi-megapixel camera phones

XCute shows off three multi-megapixel camera phones


I suppose it’s pretty easy to go unnoticed at a show like 3GSM, getting overshadowed by industry giants like Motorola and Samsung, but that’s not to say there aren’t other quality products out there. Case in point is little XCute from Taiwan. The handset manufacturer unveiled three cell phones, all sporting multi-megapixel cameras.

The flagship product is the ultra thin S50. You’ll find a 3-MP autofocus camera to go with its 1.6 million color display. Weighing in at a mere four ounces, this mobile phone also does TV out and features a microSD expansion slot.

The other two phones – the DV 80 slider and the DV 50 candybar – come with most of the other features found on the S50, except they come in with a whooping 5-megapixel Sony CCD instead of a mere 3-megapixels. Of course, Bluetooth connectivity is here as well.

Unfortunately, it seems like these XCute cuties will never find their way onto North American shores.