Sweden aims to be oil-free by 2020

Sweden aims to be oil-free by 2020


Sweden has set an ambitious goal – completely oil-free by 2020. This will include not just cars and trucks, but everything from power to heat. Under the plan, oil and gas for vehicles will be replaced by ethanol and biodiesel. The government is working with Saab and Volvo to develop vehicles that will help meet the goal. They are the first Western country to make this move, though Iceland and Brazil have made similar goals on their own timeframes.

Sweden has a good start on this goal already. Only 32% of their energy comes from oil, which is down from 77% in 1970. Most of their electricity is nuclear or hydroelectric, while their heat is largely through geothermal energy or waste heat.

Sweden’s ambitious move will have a strong impact throughout the world. Volvo and Saab will work on the challenge in Sweden, but can then export their technological advances to their markets throughout the world.