Take pictures in 360 degrees

Take pictures in 360 degrees


Sure, getting great snapshots is one thing, but they’re all so… unidirectional. Cedric Tay has taken the idea of photography and spun it around and around with the “360 Camera”, designed specifically to create huge panoramic images.

Unlike other cameras that take on a conventional rectangular shape, the 360 Camera sports a “unique ergonomic cylindrical design” that allows users to hold it with just one hand, making use of the touch sensor on the flush surface to take, well, 360-degree pictures. Interestingly, you’ll also find a built-in inclinometer and angle indicator on this thing to make sure you end up where you started, so to speak, with your panoramic shot.

There isn’t very much information available regarding its technical specifications, so we’ll just have to wait to find out how many megapixels this thing is rocking, how much memory it has, what kind of expansion it takes, and all that kind of stuff.