Nintendo DS learns new tricks

Nintendo DS learns new tricks


Just yesterday we reported on a third-party attachment that allows you to watch a variety of multimedia content on the Nintendo DS, and now the big N itself is releasing a couple of new toys for its portable gaming system, allowing users to browse the internet with Opera or catch TV signals through the air.

Not too many deets have been released at this time, but the Opera-based web browser is not firmware based, and is said to be hitting the streets of Japan some time in June. The price is a very reasonable at $32.

With mobile TV becoming hugely popular among cellular phone owners, Nintendo wants a piece of that pie as well. Unfortunately for us in the west, the Digital TV Tuner is only doing the 1Seg thing, so it won’t pick up the standard analog channels. Japan is launching some 1Seg content in the coming months though.

On a side note, a variety of hot titles are on the way for the DS as well, including the New Super Mario Brothers. Dynasty Warriors and Winning Eleven Nine will receive Wi-Fi support.