Listen to music underwater with the SwiMP3

Listen to music underwater with the SwiMP3


Now, you can listen to your favorite audio files anywhere. Yes, even underwater with the SwiMP3 (cute name huh?) by Finis.

SwiMP3 is a 100% waterproof underwater MP3 player that makes use of ‘bone conduction’ technology so that users experience great sound quality. The technology employs direct transfer of sound vibrations from the user’s cheekbone to his or her inner ear.

When you place the SwiMP3 on your cheekbones or mastoid tip, it initiates vibration of the fluid in the inner ear resulting in great sound quality. This is of course different from traditional digital audio players, which rely on the transmission of sound over the air or through water (which is actually what makes us ‘hear’ only muffled sounds).

Bone conduction technology is actually not new but this is the first time that it is applied in an MP3 player and Finis hopes that this will catapult the SwiMP3 into a favorite media player by swimmers. And you don’t have to worry about it being unsafe either. Bone conduction hearing is a safe, long-established hearing method in humans.

The SwiMP3 is available for US $199 (£115).