Cingular adds song recognition to portfolio

Cingular adds song recognition to portfolio


If you’re anything like me, you get hit with some melody on the radio and just can’t get your finger on the title or artist. Thanks to London-based Shazam Entertainment, Cingular subscribers can now get that itty-bitty piece of information, and just as easily download the ringtone if one is available. Cingular Wireless has just launched a MusicID service that can work either though text messaging or through a Java-based application.

It will cost you 99 cents per identification, with the downloaded ringtone costing extra of course. If you happen to go on an IDing spree, you can opt for the unlimited package that will run you another $6.99/month. The text message route is available for pretty well any handset out there, because most can do SMS these days, but if you’re looking for the Java version, they have it for the Nokia 6682 for now for sure.

Music recognition is nothing new, as AT&T Wireless offered a similar service two years ago, but I guess with the huge proliferation of MP3 ringtones nowadays, Cingular Wireless is trying to cash in on something not so new.