Aladin unveils eToken 2-in-1 USB flash drive

Aladin unveils eToken 2-in-1 USB flash drive


Aladin Knowledge Systems has just launched a flash drive that doubles as an authentication device.

The eToken NG-FLASH’s tiny architecture belies its capacity. The USB flash drive comes in 128MB, 512MB and 1GB models. A very useful feature of the device is its autorun ability, which allows companies or organizations handing out the eToken to pre-load the flash drive with programs and data which users can run directly from the unit.

The eToken also provides convenience to users by allowing them to possess their personal data and other information required to open the contents of the system. This streamlined procedure and design cuts the time and stages normally required to be able to use the unit for a wide array of functions or programs.

Data inside the eToken is safe. The authentication process starts by just using or plugging in the device as it prompts the user to key in his or her password.

The device can be used for web sign-on, secure e-mail, secure VPN, and single sign-on. The USB drive and standard smart card are available with physical ID (RFID) features and one-time password technology.