MP3-Chocolate fashion phone from T-Mobile

MP3-Chocolate fashion phone from T-Mobile


If you’re more about form rather than function, then the new fashionphone available from T-Mobile is right up your alley. This MP3-Chocolate phone, as it’s been called, doesn’t have a heck of a lot of features to it, but it sure looks hot doing it. The sleek design includes an internal antenna (or “intenna” if you will) and incredibly smooth finish.

Jam away to all your favourite tunes using the embedded media player, which interestingly also does video playback (MPEG-4) on its less than huge 128 x 128 pixel LCD display. If the 32MB internal memory doesn’t do it for you, you can also expand with a microSD card. But if you’re looking for high speed data transfer, the only acronym you’re going to find attached to this Chocolate phone is SMS. No EDGE, GPRS, or WAP here.

This sleek, square handset weighs in at a mere 54 grams, and it’s chocolate – I still haven’t figured out exactly what that means. Look for this phone at your local T-Mobile retailer some time in the second quarter.