No moving parts in new PVPro mini projector

No moving parts in new PVPro mini projector


It seems the hottest new trend is taking the tiny screens found on cell phones and blowing them up using tiny projectors. Light Blue Optics has taken concepts and made them a reality with a working prototype of its PVPro unit. Instead of using prisms and glass, this monochrome device utilizes lasers. As a result, there’s no need to manually focus the optics – the company says the PVPro has “infinite focus” no matter what the distance.

It is important to keep the heat down, as well as the battery usage, and by casting aside the need for power-draining fans and whatnot, this device seems to be heading in the right direction. Just like the advantages of flash memory over traditional hard drives, having no moving parts in this projector is definitely a good thing.

Expect a color version later this year, but if you’re looking to buy one, you’ve got to wait quite a bit longer. Light Blue Optics is projecting a launch date in “two to four years.” This is likely the time we will also see integrated micro projectors in our mobile devices.