Nintendo DS does video playback with MAX Media Player

Nintendo DS does video playback with MAX Media Player


The Nintendo DS just keeps getting better. First, we were introduced to dual displays, touchscreen capabilities, and Wi-Fi online gaming. And now, with the MAX Media Player, your favourite portable gaming machine can do the PMP dance. Carry around all your favourite videos, songs, photos and more, enjoying them to your heart’s content. The included 4GB hard drive plugs into the GBA slot in the DS, and does not require any external power source.

Considering the smaller screen found on the DS, video file sizes don’t need to be humungous to get awesome resolution. In fact, the 4GB found in the MAX Media Player is enough for up to ten full-length movies. Moreover, you can even shove executable programs on this thing and run them on your DS.

Sure, the PSP can do the whole media playback thing out of the box, but with the MAX Media Player, so can the Nintendo DS and there’s no need for extra storage devices. Hook up the device to your computer via USB 2.0, load up, and enjoy. Look for a price of £129 ($225 USD).