i-mate PDA-N is the latest Pocket PC with GPS

i-mate PDA-N is the latest Pocket PC with GPS


It’s desktop computing at the palm of your hands.

Microsoft has just unveiled the i-mate PDA-N, its latest Pocket PC that is loaded with features that are usually associated with bigger devices.

The new handheld has a trendy design that is amplified by its metal gray coat. Its compact architecture also belies the multitude of functions that it is capable of. At the centerpiece of the model is a clear 64k full color QVGA touch screen that has a 240×320-pixel resolution.

The device runs on Windows Mobile 5 and is powered by a Samsung 300Mhz chip. Memory capacity is not limited to its 128MB ROM since its SDIO/MMC card slot allows convenient expansion.

The i-mate PDA-N’s GPS capability makes it a great tool for spotting and for being spotted. However, it has no loaded mapping program. It does have an impressive software package though. The inclusion of important Microsoft Office components in the device such as Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile makes it a virtual and versatile mobile workstation. The unit’s Internet Explorer and MSN Messenger provide a great complement to the Wi-Fi connectivity that it has.