Enhanced mobile email typing with eZiType

Enhanced mobile email typing with eZiType


Mobile email typing just got a lot easier, thanks to an announcement from Zi Corporation of eZiType, a text-entry product for smartphones, PDAs, gaming consoles, and (most importantly, for business users) mobile email.

The North America-based company is already a familiar provider in the industry, with its eZiText and eZiTap the prime examples of what the company tabs “intelligent interfaces.” With eZiType, the company expands its reach further.

“With the addition of eZiType to our comprehensive suite of multi-modal input products, Zi is improving the input experience for users across the globe to utilize text messaging, mobile emailing, and search and discovery on their mobile devices,” said Milos Djokovic, chief technical officer and chief operating officer of Zi Corporation.

The product, among other things, features an interface that “learns,” through a combination of features (including predictive text and auto-correction) that eliminate common typing errors. In addition, the technology learns usage patterns and can help personalize itself. Another very attractive feature for many users will no doubt be the ability of eZiType to interface with any kind of keyboard.