Cuddle up to your Tomy Teddy Bear MP3 player

Cuddle up to your Tomy Teddy Bear MP3 player


Here’s some more overpriced cuteness coming out of Japan. Tomy is well known for its children’s products, and it seems that the company is trying to mate that image with the hottest invention since Lego: MP3s. The Teddy Bear MP3 Player won’t wow you with its technical specifications, but its “features” will make any girlfriend go, “Aww.”

It’s not exactly the most practical of portable music players, as it only stores a measly 128MB of memory for all your MP3 and WMA files. What’s more, it seems like this cutesy-wootsy music machine won’t even do FM radio. Don’t look to see what song you’re playing either, because I don’t see any sort of display on this expressionless teddy bear either.

Connect to any PC via USB, throw in a single AA battery for 8 hours of life, and try to make the best of this 50g (without battery) Teddy Bear MP3 Player. I guess it would make a good gift for the under 8-years-old set, or get you some brownie points from the girlfriend. Available March 30th for about $78.