RIM provides details of BlackBerry workaround solution

RIM provides details of BlackBerry workaround solution


As February 24th, the potential D-Day for RIM in their BlackBerry legal dispute, draws near, the company has revealed more details of their workaround solution if they are forced to shutdown their current service in the United States. It will involve a software update called BlackBerry MultiMode Edition which users will be able to download and install if current service ends.

The company claims that the MultiMode Edition will enable underlying changes to the messaging system, but that those changes will go unnoticed by the users. That goes both for front end users and for system administrators. Developers of BlackBerry applications won’t have to make any changes, either.

As a non-lawyer, this news raises a lot of interesting questions. Since RIM has a solution that won’t affect performance, you have to wonder why they don’t make the change now instead of waiting until they are forced to do it. Of course, that’s far from the first confusing part of this whole dispute.