Hummer runs you over with X-Player

Hummer runs you over with X-Player


You want something built tough, something that can withstand just about anything. Hummer has a reputation for building oversized vehicles, so, of course, their foray into portable music takes on much the same philosophy. You won’t find any flash memory or a hard drive in here, but the X-Player will swallow up your CDs burned full of MP3 and WMA songs.

Tired of your own playlist? Then just crank up the AM/FM radio as it blasts through the integrated stereo speakers. If you don’t to share, you can make use of the dual headphone jacks while you read off of the simple and small (on a Hummer?!?) 2-line LCD display. Of course, it’s built with ruggedness in mind, so it’s pretty water resistant and comes with skip protection. Power comes in the form of two AA batteries.

But you’re not going to want this for its functionality. You’re going to want this for its chrome accents and black tire-tread corners. Go ahead and express yourself for a mere $45.