Skype buddy list becomes mobile

Skype buddy list becomes mobile


Now available is the EQO Mobile Phone Service for Skype, an offering from EQO Communications that enables wireless phone users to take their Skype buddy lists with them.

The service, which runs on the popular J2ME platform, allows ready access to the VoIP application Skype, including the ever-important buddy lists, and to make and receive Skype calls from a mobile phone. The result is yet another example of portable information technology.

“Too many people are disconnected from their online buddies when they leave the PC behind,” said Bill Tam, CEO of EQO Communications. “Our goal is to allow the countless number of online communities worldwide to stay connected using mobile handsets and for users to, virtually, take their
buddies with them.”

Skype is the first of several vendors EQO is targeting, Tam said.