nVidia unveils Quadro NVS GPUs for mobile business use

nVidia unveils Quadro NVS GPUs for mobile business use


nVidia has just released a powerful graphics chipset designed for ‘on-the-go’ laptops.

The Quadro NVS 110M GPU allows seamless operation of programs that process large image files. The first laptops that will feature these powerful graphics chips are the recently announced Toshiba Tecra M5, Tecra A6, and Tecra A7.

The huge processing power of the chipset is designed primarily for business applications (insert gaming information here) that require the use of multiple screens or displays. This is an ideal business solution for those working in call centers, in the stock market, or any industry which requires its mobile workforce to do graphics-intensive tasks on their laptops.

Speaking of ‘mobile’, performance is not compromised whether the user is at the office or on the go. With nVidia GPUs at the heart of the laptops, users get the same benefits, features and performance from their notebooks wherever they may be.

The Quadro NVS is compatible with Intel’s Centrino Mobile technology, providing users with laptops that have power-efficiency features and capable of operating several numbers of displays.