MBox wireless MP3 storage system from Evesham

MBox wireless MP3 storage system from Evesham


Evesham’s latest offering, the MBox, transforms a music player into a massive storage device.

The MBox has a compact architecture that belies its features. It has two hard disks that are mirrored. This feature ensures real-time replication of files. The unit also comes with a backup up program that allows one to set the date and time of backups.

The thing that sets the MBox apart from a typical storage device is its music-playing capability. The unit has an MBridge network music player installed. Aside from allowing audio playback, its wireless feature enables the user to scan through and play audio files wherever he may be in his house. This could be done even if the PC is off.

Audio file browsing and playback at different locations of the house can be done through an MBridge, and different music could be played in different areas of the house by connecting the MBridge adapter into a speaker system.

Operating the control panel of the MBridge is very easy. It could even be done through remote control. The device’s large screen also facilitates smooth remote operations. There’s more… the MBox and MBridge also support Internet radio.

Evesham’s MBox with two 160GB hard disk drives and an MBridge is priced at ₤599. The package is available at different storage capacities. Additional MBridge units are priced at ₤149 each. The system is slated to be released on the market on February 15.