Limited Edition NEC LaVie in Black

Limited Edition NEC LaVie in Black


Okay, so maybe the Hello Kitty Special Edition wasn’t exactly your cup of tea. Now you can have the option to pick up the NEC LaVie G Type laptop in limited edition Black. The electronics maker will only be making 200 of these puppies, so if you’re the type that wants something that very few others have, you’ll want this.

They’ve kept this LaVie ultra-light at a mere 1066 grams, but the missing optical drive might explain why this laptop is as light as a feather. The reported six-hour battery life isn’t anything to sneeze at, nor is the Intel Pentium M 753 1.2GHz ultra-low voltage processor with Intel’s SpeedStep technology. Add to that 768MB of memory, 80GB of hard drive space, and a 12.1” TFT LCD, and the LaVie is a winner. Of course, it has integrated Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g).

You’d better start getting in line soon, because the NEC LaVie G Type J Black Limited Edition Laptop is going on sale at the end of this month. You’ll even get a three-year warranty when you drop 199,794 Yen ($1700 USD), as well as the satisfaction of being only one in two hundred.