Heartbeat detector in new Volvo S80

Heartbeat detector in new Volvo S80


As a company with a strong reputation for safety, Volvo has released information about another feature of its flagship S80 sedan. The incorporation of a heartbeat detector sends a warning to drivers’ wireless fobs if there’s someone waiting for them in the backseat. It seems that their marketing scheme is based on one too many horror/thriller movies, as this system seems to be set up to prevent the insane slasher in the back seat from sneaking up on you as you drive down the interstate.

The S80’s Personal Car Communicator is alerted when a heartbeat is detected, so if you happen to find yourself trapped in a zombie movie, you’d be out of luck. That said, another excellent application for this technology could be the prevention of having babies trapped in cars amongst the summer heat. How many times have we heard of forgetful parents leaving their children in the car?

Volvo hopes to sell 50,000 new S80s each year in a global market, quite an ambitious figure given that 70% are hopeful conquest sales. But hey, maybe this new heartbeat detector will be enough to put them over the top.