SIPquest to bring VoIP to Symbian OS phones

SIPquest to bring VoIP to Symbian OS phones


SIPQuest has upgraded its status in the Symbian OS smartphone movement by signing on to the company’s Platinum Program. The result is an addition of multimedia muscle to an already strong offering.

SIPQuest, a Canadian company that specializes in VoIP and multimedia systems, already provides a support produce for Symbian OS phones called Mobile Assistant. Joining the Platinum Program translates into sharing Fixed Mobile Convergence and IP Multimedia Susbsytem technology to the Symbian network. Symbian is a United Kingdom company that has a very large presence in the smartphone market.

“As a member of the Symbian Platinum Program, SIPquest is delighted to work with Symbian to bring functionally rich VoIP solutions to Symbian OS phones and thereby satisfy the needs of users that depend on dual mode—WiFi and GSM or WiFi and CDMA—features.”

SIPQuest joins a distinguished group of Platinum Program partners, which include Adobe, AOL Time Warner, Flextronics, IBM, Infineon, PacketVideo and many more. Partners enjoy such benefits as cross-marketing and special access to the source code of the OS.