Honda’s natural gas to hydrogen-powered FCX

Honda’s natural gas to hydrogen-powered FCX


Rising oil prices and an ailing environment has got everyone looking for an alternative fuel solution. Honda has tried to address these issues with its FCX, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell car that is set to begin production “within three or four years.” The concept vehicle looks like a stretched-out version the new Civic sedan with some Dodge Intrepid-ish influence, but look under the trunk and discover some fuel cells that can cut fuel costs in half.

Calling the FCX “hydrogen-powered” is a bit of misnomer however, as the hydrogen needed for the fuel cells is derived from natural gas using Honda’s “Home Energy Station.” This station can also be used in fuel cells to supply electricity to your home. With each refill in your garage, the FCX is said to be able to go 350 miles, so we’re not really sure how you’d manage if you were planning a road trip.

Because the natural gas and hydrogen would still need to be “manufactured”, this vehicle does not eliminate pollution altogether; rather, it simply displaces it. That said, it is clearly a “greener” car, and it presents another step to a world of hybrids and other enviro-friendly people-movers.