Sony’s small drive has big storage

Sony’s small drive has big storage


You’ll be hard pressed to find a USB thumb drive that will store more than 4GB – for now, at least – so in the meantime, if you need to carry around a lot of data but are disinclined to turn to the bigger external hard drives out there, Sony has got a solution for you. The newest addition to the company’s MicroVault Pro line is a sleekly designed 8-gigger that is a mere 1-inch in thickness.

I’m hesitant to use the term “credit card sized”, as this portable storage device is clearly thicker than your American Express, but it definitely is pretty darn small. The built-in USB connector hides away when not in use, and easily swivels out to connect straight into your PC or laptop. Packaged in with the tiny HDD is Sony’s Auto Sync synchronization solution, allowing you to retrieve up to 10 generations of stored files.

This Sony Europe product is listed at £135, or about $235 USD. Expect the 8GB MicroVault Pro to become available sometime this month.