Hitachi launches smallest RFID chip yet

Hitachi launches smallest RFID chip yet


You won’t even know that it’s there.

Hitachi has just unveiled the world’s smallest RFID chip, the Hitachi µ-Chip. It has a 0.15×0.15 mm dimension and a negligible thickness of 7.5 micrometers. The current RFID standard size is at 0.4×0.4mm which, by the way, and is also produced by Hitachi.

The considerable size reduction of the chip was made possible by Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology. The development resulted in an increase in RFID chip production of up to ten-folds since the size cut multiplied the number of chips that can be fabricated per wafer.

The new RFID chip receives radio waives through an external antenna. It then converts these radio waves into energy so as to be able to send over the air a 128 bit distinct ID number. Data cannot be altered since it is written during fabrication. This restriction ensures a very reliable degree of genuineness.

The chip can be used on a wide array of activities or applications that include tracking or tracing of items, security, and logistics.

Hitachi is currently undertaking steps to further improve the chip such as cutting antenna size and broadening communication coverage. It can easily connect with the external antenna though due to its double-surface electrode feature. Its diminutive size will also enable the chip to be embedded or utilized on documents or instruments like certificates.