Surf City Satisfaction: Air Guitar meets wireless

Surf City Satisfaction: Air Guitar meets wireless


Download music to your guitar? Now you can have that Satisfaction.

A unique partnership between legendary guitar maker Fender and ubiquitous chip manufacturer Intel has created the wireless Telecaster, a full-on guitar that sports an integrated HP TC1100 tablet. Better yet, the tablet is powered by Intel Centrino wireless technology, so you can download tunes right to the guitar. (Whether you play along or let the machine do the picking is, of course, up to you.)

And if you’re thinking that wireless connectivity is a two-way street, you’re right: The Telecaster will also allow you to record your own creations and zoom them out into the cyberspace airwaves. (Your guitar skills could have your friends gently weeping at your surfing prowess.)

Did we mention the webcam? That streaming can also include video. You can record yourself playing your favorite songs in your favorite place, whether it’s the Hotel California or just your average Joe’s house.

The concept is an extraordinary one, a melding of new and old technologies in a fun new way. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, indeed.

To quote the manufacturer: “With this guitar, it doesn’t matter if you’re Joe Walsh or Joe Bloggs, you’ll sound just as good once you get this guitar online, download a few of your favourite tracks, and strike a pose in front of the mirror.”