PocketPower by Gear4 recharges all things USB

PocketPower by Gear4 recharges all things USB


Access to a USB port is always readily available, so what do you do when one of your little gadgets is running low on juice? The new PocketPower device by Gear4 clearly has some Apple influence in its i-design, but they say it’ll work with anything that needs power from a USB port.

Interestingly, this gadget by the company formerly known as Podgear recharges itself through a USB port. There are four AAA batteries to be found inside (included), which in turn send their power to whatever device you choose to connect to the PocketPower. In this way, should your four rechargeable dry cells run dry, you can head to your local convenience store and grab a four pack of alkalines to give your iPod up to eight extra hours of music-thumping goodness. There’s even an integrated LED torch to light your dark nights.

Gear4 has kept it simple, and that’s exactly how I like it. Grab the PocketPower and keep the music playing for about $36.