GPS system cuts call time

GPS system cuts call time


GPS signals just got faster.

The Swiss company u-blox AG has announced a new set of services called Assisted GPS, which cuts the Time To First Fix to a matter of seconds. A-GPS, as it is called, uses the u-blox global monitoring network to transmit satellite location data in a fraction of the time that it normally takes for Ephemeris data to arrive.

The result is happy customers, especially those who are making emergency calls and have little time to spare waiting for the TIFF. Those in weak-signal environments will be pleased as well, since they won’t have to contend with tall buildings that obstruct their direct view to satellites. In effect, A-GPS bypasses traditional data transfer methods by using TCP/IP Internet and wireless technologies (WLAN or cellular data network like GPRS).

“Our new A-GPS services greatly enhance the capabilities of our high-quality receivers,” said Thomas Seiler, u-blox CEO. “ANTARIS 4 GPS receivers provide remarkable navigation and performance. Now, coupled with high-quality A-GPS data from u-blox, our customers get the best of both worlds: World-class GPS receivers and immediate access to location data over wireless networks.”