A 24-bit color scanner at your finger tips

A 24-bit color scanner at your finger tips


Scanners have come a long way from the days of flatbeds that take up way too much room on your desk. PLANon has launched its new DocuPen RC800, which looks like nothing more than a fancy ballpoint pen, but look a little further and find indicators for battery level, resolution and memory. This pen-shaped scanner will do black and white, standard color, or 24-bit color either in low- or high-resolution (100 to 400 dpi), and unlike its competitors, can easily scan a full page instead of simply a single line.

No exact specification on how much internal memory the DocuPen RC800, but their saying it’ll hold 100s of pages. But even if you start running low on storage, there’s a MicroSD expansion slot there as well. Power comes in the form of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that refill their juice when you connect the pen to a USB port. Scans should maintain fairly high integrity thanks to the dual roller guiding system. For all your color-coordinated people out there, this pen scanner comes in a variety of creatively-named colors: Blue Streak, Crimson Pearl, Kook White, Antique Brown, Lavender Frost, and Silver Smoke.

Price has been set at $299.99, but hey, the included sheep skin leather case makes it all worth it, right?